Ghana has a  lot of investment opportunities, here are just a few basics.

Ghana has a  lot of investment opportunities. This post is directed to both expatriates and Ghanaians willing to put blood and sweat into the right channel of investment for optimal returns. The average person seeks to secure a good job, hope to purchase that prestigious car and dwell in that house s/he has long been dreaming…

Invest in Ghana. The rewards can be superb in this opportunity nation.

Stopping in Accra is one of my favourite things to do, never more so now than before. Landing in a country where immigration says “Welcome Home” is always endearing. Seeing the booming economy can definitely make you want to call the place home. Economic growth of 14.5 percent in 2011 makes 2012’s 7.9 percent seem…

Not so famous Ghanaians: Kenneth Akufo Asare, the man who built all the canopy walkways in Ghana

While the Kakum Park and Legon Gardens are already famed for their canopy walkways, the Kintampo Falls has had a canopy walkway added to the experience after its reopening. 

Though patrons love and enjoy their time on the canopy walkways, not many people had the idea of how those walkways were built or who built them. Well, it has emerged that the walkways and many others across Ghana are the handiwork by a man from Akyem Maase in the Eastern region called Kenneth Akufo Asare. 

WELCOME  TO  GHANA ! IMMIGRATION MATTERS. The essential yet boring stuff.

General notes and foreigner ID card Work permits For non-resident immigration matters (visas, entering Ghana, transit, stay extensions, overstays), See Ghana Immigration Services fees. GENERAL NOTES For work permit and all other applications detailed thereafter and made to the Immigration Service, note that: all applications are to be submitted with a cover letter addressed to the Director,…

AllAboutAccra supports the #EatGhana campaign with these cool images is in full support of this great campaign by the Ghana Tourism Authority. The idea is that when you #VisitGhana that you should #EatGhana, #FeelGhana, #SeeGhana and for me, best of all #WearGhana. And I really do believe that this is the sort of campaign that everyone should get behind, individually and corporately.