Accra is loud and proud, but be warned, sometimes it can be very very loud

If you disobey the laws of God, the serpent will bite you. Satan will consume you,” shouts Apostle Michael Sarfo at a major road intersection in Ghana’s capital, Accra. He preaches for five hours every weekday morning, with a stack of speakers amplifying his evangelism. Passersby stop to receive prayers and blessings, some tossing their…

Their football crazy, and in truth it’s all about The Arsenal !

The unofficial number one club in Ghana is clearly The Arsenal. They certainly have the most organised and dedicated supporters club. And the supporters club that is the most active and even socially involved. The GhanaArsenal supporters club is an excellent example of how clubs should be run and operated and is a fine example of how football clubs can reach and interact with fans from around the world. 

Weird and wonderful, the fantasy coffins of Ghana, the only way to go.

In Ghana, a funeral is a celebration as well as a time of sadness. With prestige riding on the size and extravagance of the funeral, family members collect, borrow, and donate money to send their loved ones off to the afterlife in style. Funerals can cost up to a year’s salary.

Christianity in Ghana

However, the negative impact is the rise of ‘fake’ churches emerging where false acclaimed ‘Men of God’ use dubious means in worship against the rules of the church in other to get rich quickly.