7 tips on making your visit to Ghana and Accra easier and loads more fun.

1. Akwaaba! Welcome—that is—to Ghana. Here, people pride themselves on their hospitality. If you stand anywhere too long (and we mean anywhere: gas stations, street corners, in front of someone’s heavily-fortified, barbed wire-topped gate) someone will offer you a seat, or some shade, or tell you you’re invited to their meal. People—and especially school children in…

The Call for Artists…. Chale Wote Arts Festival 2019

PIDGIN IMAGINARIUM ABSTRACT In the last 500 years, the African continent has provided free labour for the Western imperial project. Whether via the triangular traffic of human-merchandise or conscription into two world wars, the implications of this brutal harvesting of bodies are yet to be fully measured. Presently, we are witnessing the rise of fascism…

My life in Accra : a photo gallery

The simple truth for me is that Rugby is not my game. Okay so I was forced to play it back home in Ireland for a year or so. Something to do with being big boned I guess. And sure, like most sports I was better than average at it.

The traditional games that Ghana loves to play

Traditional games can be grouped in terms of gender or age since varying games has its target players. For instance, games like ampe and tumatu are peculiar to females, while chaskele and rubber tie throwing are peculiar to males and games like chess