Ghana beyond aid, is it just a dream ?

Recently I came across a Twitter page that has gotten me really thinking, and thinking hard. @nowhitesaviors is a group out of Kampala Uganda. And they are a group making real international noise. Fair play to them. However their message is that Africa does not need “white saviours” any more. They are not anti-white people, but…

Ghanaian Poetry : A Ga poem for a new born child.

A Ga chant from Ghana. On the eighth day after a child is born, the relatives and friends gather for the ‘out-dooring’ ceremony. Very early in the morning, the baby is brought outside for the first time. An old person takes the baby in his or her arms and raises it to the dew three times. He then chants this prayer, to which everyone present responds Yao, meaning ‘Amen’.

Ghanian Poetry : Akan song as a poem

Death does not like money oo! Konadu ee!
We shall all enter a hole in the earth, this death hmm!
If even there were two chances to die, I would not joke with one.
You will be put in a coffin.
The coffin will be nailed.
You will be sent to the cemetery.
While you are being carried away,

Famous Ghanaian’s : Zoe Adjonyoh

The chef and pop-up entrepreneur traced her family roots in the Ghanaian capital – and discovered a city fizzing with fresh food, art, music and views. This is a great read from the UK based newspaper The Guardian. It is an introduction to Zoe Adjonyoh, a superb chef who is bringing the flavours and tastes…

5 Things to do while chilling out in Accra Ghana.

Experience Accra’s Soccer Fever     Soccer is a national obsession in Ghana. While most of the best Ghanaian players have been snapped up by European teams, you may still catch Michael Essien or André Ayew playing during a World Cup or Africa Cup of Nations play-off game. Local Accra soccer team Hearts of Oak play in the…

Ten Facts about Ghana that might help you to understand the place

  After kindergarten, children in Ghana attend school for a period of six years. Those who can afford it, send their children for secondary education. Children in Ghana begin two years of kindergarten at age four. Then all children ages 6-12 attend six years of elementary education. Only if families can afford it, children go…

Top Things To Do In Accra, Ghana…..

There are so many ways to spend your time while in Accra. Sure you may be there for just a few days, or maybe longer. You may be a regular visitor or just going once. And you may not have a lot of free time during your visit. However one of the beauties of travel…

5 “Must do” Things to see & do in Accra

Explore the W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture Located near the American Embassy, this informative museum is dedicated to the life of the great civil rights leader and Pan-Africanist William Edward Burghardt DuBois, and was also his former home. Inside you will discover his personal library and effects. A small museum that gives you a…

Smell the coffee….

Ghana has recently made efforts to double its coffee production to 3, 000 metric tons and expand area of lands planted in coffee to nearly 5,000 acres. Although Ghana is the world’s second largest Cocoa producer, it has increased entering into the coffee market and is relatively small in coffee production makes it the third…