Ghana Women of the Year Honours 2019 #GhanaGirls rule the world.

The fourth edition of the Ghana Women of the Year Honours came off last Friday, April 13, 2019 at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. The awards, organised by Glitz Africa, saw nine outstanding women being celebrated for using their expertise, position and influence to inspire others to make a difference in driving other women…

The Sounds of Ghana : Ebony. Gone but not forgotten.

I was not a huge fan of Ebony despite meeting her a couple of times. The music was okay, mainstream local pop, and her musical message was not really one I shared. However, what happened to her was very sad. But what I did like about her was that she clearly showed local youth that if you want something from life you are going to have to work really hard for it, and she deserves a heap of credit for that.

My name was Kofi, I am a Friday born !

The best example of Ghanaian names and being named relating to the day you were born is myself. One of the first things I learned was about the names and so I looked up which day I was born on. It was a Friday, a long time back, so I had the choice of Fiifi, Fifi, Yoofi or Kofi. It was a clear and easy choice, I became Kofi and was proud of it. I still use it sometimes, just to have fun and confuse people.

The Sounds of Accra, It’s MzVee yall….

Okay so I have to admit, MzVee is my own favourite Ghanaian artist, and not just because she is just so cute !!! But, there is one thing for me that makes her stand out and that is her belief in positivity and being so proud of being a “natural woman”. Two things that help…

Ghana Girls & their Hair. Maybe the most dangerous thing in Ghana

Hair played a significant role in the culture of ancient African civilisations as it symbolised one’s family background, social status, spirituality, tribe, and marital status. As early as the 15th century, hair was the main disseminator among different tribes and within communities of marital status, age, wealth, and rank on the social hierarchy within a community or tribe