The Sounds of Accra Ghana: It just has to take to Higher by EL

Award winning rapper E.L drops the official Music video for his  song ‘HIGHER’. Video directed by Kemist and Yaw Skyface and was produced by PeeOnDaBeat. Have a view below and share. Elom Adablah (born 28 June 1986), better known by his stage name E.L, is a Ghanaian Afrobeat musician, rapper, singer and producer. EL’s singles include “Obuu Mo”, “Kaalu”, “One Ghana”, “Auntie Martha”,…

The Call for Artists…. Chale Wote Arts Festival 2019

PIDGIN IMAGINARIUM ABSTRACT In the last 500 years, the African continent has provided free labour for the Western imperial project. Whether via the triangular traffic of human-merchandise or conscription into two world wars, the implications of this brutal harvesting of bodies are yet to be fully measured. Presently, we are witnessing the rise of fascism…

The Sounds of Ghana : Ebony. Gone but not forgotten.

I was not a huge fan of Ebony despite meeting her a couple of times. The music was okay, mainstream local pop, and her musical message was not really one I shared. However, what happened to her was very sad. But what I did like about her was that she clearly showed local youth that if you want something from life you are going to have to work really hard for it, and she deserves a heap of credit for that.

The Sounds of Ghana: Stephane Benson, khai, one sexy mama.

It must be said that this Ghanaian musician really should come with a “government health warning, or at the very least, an X rating. The girl is hot and boy, she knows it. But as well as being the cheekiest of the Ghanaian musicians, it must be said, this girl can rock a fine tune….

Chale Wote, the greatest show in all of Africa. Love art, Love Ghana, Love Chale

For days, the historic Jamestown neighbourhood, which served as the city’s bustling port on the ocean and now is home base to scores of fishermen, is packed with people partying in the bright sun. “Our vision is to cultivate a wider audience for the arts in West Africa by breaking creative boundaries and using art as a viable form to rejuvenate public spaces,“ says the festival’s statement of intent.

The Sounds of Accra: Opanka, Sh*thole Country. #TruthHurts #WeWorryWednesday

Finally a voice in Ghana that is telling it how it is. Sure life is hard in Ghana, yes things are difficult and are challenging. And in so many ways, Opanka really nails it here in this song in reply to President Chump and his obnoxious comments about Africa. Things are hard, but in Ghana, and in most of Africa, so many use such an insult as a way to motivate themselves. But in Ghana, so few musicians will actually tell it in their music, or will actually put it in a song. So big credit here, here does not hold back.