Another Ten Facts about Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong was the first man to represent Ghana in Olympic skiing. He learned how to sky by going on artificial slopes in the United Kingdom. A deer hunting festival is held annually in the southern part of the country. The first person to bring back a deer is considered a winner, and then the entire community…

Ghanaian Poetry : The Ashanti Royal Family

The Golden Stool (Ashanti-Twi: Sika ‘dwa) is the royal throne of the Ashanti king, and is also believed to house the spirit of the Ashanti nation. According to the legends of the oral tradition, the Golden Stool descended from heaven and into the lap of Okomfo Anokye when the Ashanti army defeated their rivals, the Denkyira, in 1701. The entire surface of the Golden Stool is inlaid with gold and hung with bells to warn the king of dangers.

A List of General and Basic facts about Accra Ghana.

Just a bunch of fairly regular facts about Accra and Ghana. I guess this is what you might call the essentials or maybe the basics. Just to give you a little insight into what makes up Ghana and of course Accra. 

Ghanaian Poetry : A Ga poem for a new born child.

A Ga chant from Ghana. On the eighth day after a child is born, the relatives and friends gather for the ‘out-dooring’ ceremony. Very early in the morning, the baby is brought outside for the first time. An old person takes the baby in his or her arms and raises it to the dew three times. He then chants this prayer, to which everyone present responds Yao, meaning ‘Amen’.

Ghanian Poetry : Akan song as a poem

Death does not like money oo! Konadu ee!
We shall all enter a hole in the earth, this death hmm!
If even there were two chances to die, I would not joke with one.
You will be put in a coffin.
The coffin will be nailed.
You will be sent to the cemetery.
While you are being carried away,

Ghanaian Poetry : The Ashanti People

modern poem in the traditional manner of a praise for one’s clan, which was posted on and was written by Adjei Agyei-Baah. Here the history of the Ashanti people is celebrated with reference to the richness of their land, their gods, and their traditional rulers.

Just outside Accra : the “Door of No Return.” 

One of the most well known parts of Cape Coast Castle, that you can visit today, is the “Door of No Return,” which led slaves out of the castle and onto the ships setting off on the Middle Passage. Their boat journeys could last several months, and an estimated 15 percent of slaves died aboard, en route.

My life in Accra : a photo gallery

May Day in Accra Ghana 2017 was indeed a really remarkable day for me. I just love the fun, the energy, the passion, commitment and belief of the thousands who lined up to march in the May Day parade. I saw the irony of it all as they march proudly past, and saluted, the very people who they were by belief opposed to, but it absolutely did not matter. The patriotism of it all, the pride in who they were and where they came from was clear for all to see. 

Weird and wonderful, the fantasy coffins of Ghana, the only way to go.

In Ghana, a funeral is a celebration as well as a time of sadness. With prestige riding on the size and extravagance of the funeral, family members collect, borrow, and donate money to send their loved ones off to the afterlife in style. Funerals can cost up to a year’s salary.