La Tante DC 10 in Accra Ghana is one very unusual restaurant.

Now a restaurant known as La Tante DC 10, this aircraft was once operated by Ghana Airways on flights to Europe and the United States. In 2005, the DC-10 ended up impounded at London’s Heathrow airport as a result of unpaid company debts. Nearly a decade later, a business partnered with Ghana Airports Company Limited, to transform…

Just by visiting Ghana you are changing lives…

Just by visiting Ghana and Accra you are helping to save lives. Just by coming and spending money you are helping to make a big difference to the economy and then to the lives of others.Even without directly supporting these kids.

Ghanaian Food: Waakye, best bought on the street !

Waakye is another food that exhibits Ghanaians’ creative use of rice. This is a great example of amazing “poor man’s food”. The recipe is a medley of beans and rice and was originally a Northern dish, but it can now be found almost everywhere on the streets of Accra. Eating Waakye will open the door to a…

Ghanaian Food : Jollof Rice be good O

Jollof rice packs a powerful punch in the taste stakes, but its origins are a point of contention with many African nations claiming it as their own. So much so that online wars are ongoing to protect it.

Ghanaian Food : Banku and Tilapia

Banku with fried fish and ground pepper, grilled tilapia, avocado in tomato sauce, and with okro soup/stew and crab are some of the dishes found on restaurants’ menus that serve this scrumptious meal. Cooking banku involves constantly stirring the soluble mixture of a proportional blend of fermented corn and cassava dough as it dissolves in water boiling over hot charcoal or a stove. A banku-based meal is nutritious and quite uncomplicated to prepare if you know what you’re doing.