Ghana is a happy country with happy people, most of the time.

In the Sub-Saharan African ranking, Ghana placed fourth behind Mauritius (57), Nigeria (85) and Cameroon (96) in the top five which was completed by neighbours Ivory Coast (99).

The ranking was computed based on an average of three years of surveys taken by Gallup between 2016 and 2018 and include factors such as gross domestic product, social support from friends and family, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, perceived corruption and recent emotions of citizens — both happy and sad.

Staying healthy in Ghana, just do the obvious, #Simple

So I lived in Ghana after I had lived in Nigeria, and so when I travelled to live in Ghana I was already vaccinated for the region. The text below is the official advice from the UK Government website on what you should do regarding protecting yourself ahead of any trip to Ghana. And of…

Just by visiting Ghana you are changing lives…

Just by visiting Ghana and Accra you are helping to save lives. Just by coming and spending money you are helping to make a big difference to the economy and then to the lives of others.Even without directly supporting these kids.

Chale Wote, the greatest show in all of Africa. Love art, Love Ghana, Love Chale

For days, the historic Jamestown neighbourhood, which served as the city’s bustling port on the ocean and now is home base to scores of fishermen, is packed with people partying in the bright sun. “Our vision is to cultivate a wider audience for the arts in West Africa by breaking creative boundaries and using art as a viable form to rejuvenate public spaces,“ says the festival’s statement of intent.

The Sounds of Accra: Opanka, Sh*thole Country. #TruthHurts #WeWorryWednesday

Finally a voice in Ghana that is telling it how it is. Sure life is hard in Ghana, yes things are difficult and are challenging. And in so many ways, Opanka really nails it here in this song in reply to President Chump and his obnoxious comments about Africa. Things are hard, but in Ghana, and in most of Africa, so many use such an insult as a way to motivate themselves. But in Ghana, so few musicians will actually tell it in their music, or will actually put it in a song. So big credit here, here does not hold back.


My name was Kofi, I am a Friday born !

The best example of Ghanaian names and being named relating to the day you were born is myself. One of the first things I learned was about the names and so I looked up which day I was born on. It was a Friday, a long time back, so I had the choice of Fiifi, Fifi, Yoofi or Kofi. It was a clear and easy choice, I became Kofi and was proud of it. I still use it sometimes, just to have fun and confuse people.