The Sounds of Ghana: Stephane Benson, khai, one sexy mama.

It must be said that this Ghanaian musician really should come with a “government health warning, or at the very least, an X rating. The girl is hot and boy, she knows it. But as well as being the cheekiest of the Ghanaian musicians, it must be said, this girl can rock a fine tune….

Top 10 Fashion designers in Ghana and how they all support #WearGhana

In Ghana, the fashion industry is generally more desirable than ever before. Brands are opening small productions or boutiques shops to market and sell their pieces. They hire workers and pay them very fair wages, which will automatically reduce unemployment in the country. #WearGhana #FeelGhana #SeeGhana #EatGhana #VisitGhana

Famous Ghanaian’s : Kofi Annan, a true hero of the world.

Maybe the mark of a man is what is said about him after his passing. And when you are someone that obviously touched the lives of so many it should not be a surprise that so many will have words to say about you. However one thing that for me really mark Mr Kofi Annan…

Famous Ghanaians : Azumah Nelson, a true boxing legend

Azumah Nelson came from nowhere to almost shock Sanchez in 1982, giving the Mexican legend all he could handle before succumbing in the final round. He bounced back to surprise Gomez in 1984 for the WBC 126-pound strap, making six successful defenses.

The Sounds of Accra: Opanka, Sh*thole Country. #TruthHurts #WeWorryWednesday

Finally a voice in Ghana that is telling it how it is. Sure life is hard in Ghana, yes things are difficult and are challenging. And in so many ways, Opanka really nails it here in this song in reply to President Chump and his obnoxious comments about Africa. Things are hard, but in Ghana, and in most of Africa, so many use such an insult as a way to motivate themselves. But in Ghana, so few musicians will actually tell it in their music, or will actually put it in a song. So big credit here, here does not hold back.


Famous Ghanaians : Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Mr Anonymous.

Due to my work, I am anonymous and my anonymity is in fact an important tool in my investigations. My undercover investigations focus primarily on issues of human rights abuse (especially child abuse) and corruption. I have carried out undercover investigations in many countries and in different continents. My primary focus remains in Sub Saharan Africa. My human right investigations deal with creating a better life and providing equal opportunities for children and adults, whilst my corruption investigations focus on Government employees and executives who instead of working for the people rather loot the national kitty and thus deprive citizens of essential amenities that would create a better standard of living for them.

Famous Ghanaians : Abedi Pele, Ghana’s greatest footballer….

Abedi Pele played for Ghana 73 times and is considered the greatest football player in his country’s history, and among the best in Africa. Until 7 June 2013, when he was surpassed by Asamoah Gyan, he was the top goalscorer for the Black Stars with 33 goals. He was a fixture in the African Championships of the 1980s and ’90s with his national team, and a member of Ghana’s victorious team in the 1982 African Cup of Nations

My life in Accra : a photo gallery

The simple truth for me is that Rugby is not my game. Okay so I was forced to play it back home in Ireland for a year or so. Something to do with being big boned I guess. And sure, like most sports I was better than average at it.

My life in Accra : a photo gallery

I loved the day I met the President of Gambia, not because he was a president, or because he was such a nice man, but simply because President Adama of Gambia just happens to be an Arsenal fan, and we had such a cool conversation about our mutual love for the Arsenal.