The Sounds of Ghana: Stephane Benson, khai, one sexy mama.

It must be said that this Ghanaian musician really should come with a “government health warning, or at the very least, an X rating. The girl is hot and boy, she knows it. But as well as being the cheekiest of the Ghanaian musicians, it must be said, this girl can rock a fine tune….

Top 10 Fashion designers in Ghana and how they all support #WearGhana

In Ghana, the fashion industry is generally more desirable than ever before. Brands are opening small productions or boutiques shops to market and sell their pieces. They hire workers and pay them very fair wages, which will automatically reduce unemployment in the country. #WearGhana #FeelGhana #SeeGhana #EatGhana #VisitGhana

Famous Ghanaians : Azumah Nelson, a true boxing legend

Azumah Nelson came from nowhere to almost shock Sanchez in 1982, giving the Mexican legend all he could handle before succumbing in the final round. He bounced back to surprise Gomez in 1984 for the WBC 126-pound strap, making six successful defenses.

Famous Ghanaians: E.L. Maybe the coolest Afrobeats singer and rapper

EL represents this future of creativity. He’s rapping in his local language; he embraces his culture. He just knows what he likes.” The singer agrees, and seeing him in his slim kente suit with no shirt on underneath, it’s clear that he’s relentlessly forward-thinking in his fashion choices, even when he’s wearing a fabric as old as this. “I want to reflect an African kid who has had the opportunity to travel far and wide but hasn’t forgotten where he’s from,” he says, a day of shopping for new clothes behind him. “We don’t lose sight of who we are.”

My name was Kofi, I am a Friday born !

The best example of Ghanaian names and being named relating to the day you were born is myself. One of the first things I learned was about the names and so I looked up which day I was born on. It was a Friday, a long time back, so I had the choice of Fiifi, Fifi, Yoofi or Kofi. It was a clear and easy choice, I became Kofi and was proud of it. I still use it sometimes, just to have fun and confuse people.

My life in Accra, Ghana.It was a time to say goodbye

And so my time in Accra came to an end and so it was a time to reflect and collect the memories. And so I also needed a way to share them and so created this little movie. One of the key things was to pick the music and it just had to be Be…

Ghana beyond aid, is it just a dream ?

Recently I came across a Twitter page that has gotten me really thinking, and thinking hard. @nowhitesaviors is a group out of Kampala Uganda. And they are a group making real international noise. Fair play to them. However their message is that Africa does not need “white saviours” any more. They are not anti-white people, but…

New Marketing Images for

I spend time building this blog, and do it just for the fun of it. Plus because I love Ghana and want to encourage people to visit Ghana. It will change your life. And one of the parts of building this blog is making promotional images that portray the beauty of the country and the people.  So here’s a number of new images I have just created to do exactly that. I hope you like them.