About This Site

Welcome to All About Accra and my little blog allaboutaccra.com. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed compiling, and building it. For me this blog is just some fun. An interesting and relaxing way to pass some down time. For the record, the site itself started life as something very different, it was a work thing, a marketing tool that never really took off. But recently I revisited it and thought to myself, well why not spend some time and publish. So here it is, my little blog all about Accra and what I saw, what I know, and what I experienced.

In the main the site is for those people who might be going to stay in the city. More so that those wonderful Ghanaians who live there. It is written by an Obroni, a foreign national who had the privilege to live there for a time. It will feature the sights, sounds, tastes and culture of the city, and also give the reader an insight into what makes Accra the perfect “africa for beginners” city to visit.

Even if you are only going once, or only going for a business trip, Accra is a city which can uplift you, inspire you and change perceptions. Yes all the negative things you hear about Africa are true, and in truth, you still only hear a small percentage. But what you never hear, sadly, is all the amazing great things about Africa. So this site is written from a very bias positive starting point.

If you want to know more about me, the writer of this block, click here. Although to be fair, I am just a boring old man who has been very lucky to have lived a fairly cool life.

As I start on this, I promise the site will have new posts every week and the site will look to cover a wide spectrum of life in Accra. It will also feature lots of different elements of that life. But also, I will look to publish more of an insiders view on the city with suggestions on where to go, what to eat, what to see, where to stay and where to have fun. I might also highlight a few of the places not to go to, but only if I can explain why.





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