About Me

So this is the section of this blog that is easily the most boring, but they say when you do a blog it is important to have a page all about the writer of the blog. Strange but true. So this is who I am and more importantly why I created this blog.

I lived in Accra, Ghana for 28 months, or put another way, 841 days, or even 20,184 hours. It was quite an experience. Lots of cool memories, lots of laughs and lots of experiences that did actually change my life and change who I am as a person.

A big part of why I was there, and what my work entailed was to learn about the city, the country and of course the people. Equally, I one of those people who likes to just get out there and see it for myself. And where possible, see it alone, by myself, without the voices and other people. I would often just get a cab on the street and go places, see things, without my personal driver. Sometimes it was a lot easier and sometimes it was just more relaxed and private. Because of my work there, and the people involved, sometimes I just did not want people knowing where I was or where I had gone. And Accra is a city worth exploring.

I did of course also see the city from the perspective of a business tourist. So I went to the best, and the worst, places to eat. I know the hotels, the bars, the clubs and the restaurants very well and from the perspective of money being no issue. I have danced azonto in the clubs while popping champagne and been to some of the cities most high profile events. I even met Mr President, but thats a whole other story.

However at the same time, and maybe even more enjoyable, I spent time in the harder parts of town, and with beautiful people who have very little. I loved spending a few Saturday afternoons at a couple of the local orphanages, hanging out with the kids, playing football and reading stories, and getting totally inspired by them.

So I hope you enjoy this blog and if by chance you are heading to Accra, then don’t follow a word of this blog, instead, go there and discover the magic of Accra for your self.