Top 10 Fashion designers in Ghana and how they all support #WearGhana

Top 10 Fashion designers in Ghana The top fashion designers in Ghana, we all can agree that they are perfecting the fashion industry. They always there to invest their creativity to make traditional accessories and fabrics into a well-crafted modern piece. This article is meant to recognize the names of fashion designers in Ghana that have contributed to the growth of the fashion industry. In Ghana, the fashion industry is generally more desirable than ever before. Brands are opening small productions or boutiques shops to market and sell their pieces. They hire workers and pay them very fair wages, which will automatically reduce unemployment in the country.

WearGhana as you SeeGhana, EatGhana, and FeelGhana, not only when you VisitGhana. Ghana Fashion is key to Ghana's economy and you can support Ghana by wearing Ghana. It is the Year of Return Ghana2019 #VisitGhana #WearGhana #SeeGhana #EatGhana

Tonyi Senayah : Tony is a successful fashion designer who created the horseman shoes. The president of Ghana and a list of high profile persons owns a pair of his designs.

Renee Q Boeteng : Renee has a degree in Banking and Finance but her love for fashion is still in her. She got her inspiration from Africa and created the bespoke t-shirt. Majority of celebrities have at least a piece of her line.

Nana & Afua Dabanka: Nana & Afua Dabanka are great real sisters that combine their efforts to brand their name. They got inspirations from their father who used to make handmade traditional leather slippers and beautiful Kente styles mother’s silk. They have lived on 3 continents and the overall inspiration made the creative sisters come up with the sandal line that is really in demand.

Leslie Wiredu: Leslie is among the top male fashion designers in Ghana. He is best in designing stage and movie costumes. Leslie is a very creative designer and the majority of famous Ghana artists are dressed by him when they are shooting a music video or maybe a stage performance. Renowned top clients of Leslie are Guru, Eden, 4×4, Sarkodie and he recently dressed the musician Davido.

Kweku Bediako: Kweku is a successful designer who is famous for dressing the whole Black Star team before the world cup. He created the chocolate clothing and his pieces are showcased in various fashion runways. Most male celebrities have his pieces in their wardrobe.

Aisha Ayensu: Aisha is a successful designer for her classy and trendy designs. She created the Christie Brown Label with stage costumes pieces. Her designs are showcased across the Africa continent. She is popular for designing one the most famous and international musician, Beyoncé and her dancers’ stage costumes.

Elisha Boie : Ellie is the youngest of all the Ghana designers. He is popular for his creativity for his graphic shirts and jerseys pieces. Elisha created the BOIE clothing and his pieces were once showcased in France.

Elikem Kumordzie Da Tailor : Elikem is renowned as once a participator in Big Brother Show. He projected his pieces and that’s where his journey to the fashion world started. His clothes are showcased in various fashion shows and platforms in Africa.

Kofi Okyere Darko: Kofi Okyere is among those designers who left their careers for their love for fashion. He was once a radio broadcaster, but now his a very famous and ranked fashion designer who launched his nineteen 57 line clothing. Kofi’s designs have been showcased in quite a number of fashion shows. Politicians and those fashion lovers with high personalities are good promoters of his pieces.

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