All About Accra supports the idea to promote #WearGhana and the Accra fashion scene.

A small promotional video from AllAboutAccra to push the campaign to #WearGhana. The campaign was started by the Ministry Tourism in the Republic of Ghana. Which I think is a great idea and one well worth promotion. So this is just one way this blog can do it’s bit.

The idea to WearGhana, SeeGhana, EatGhana & FeelGhana is a really positive one, and a campaign that should be built upon. The hotels in the country should also get behind it far more than they do. By shopping more local tourists can really support the local economy and the local communities. It does not matter if you shop in the Mall or the market, but when you are shopping in Accra, the money spent in the markets goes straight into the local community, which for me is a good thing. Just as we push for “local” spend in a city like London, we should encourage the same in the developing nations.

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