The Sounds of Accra: Opanka, Sh*thole Country. #TruthHurts #WeWorryWednesday

Finally a voice in Ghana that is telling it how it is. Sure life is hard in Ghana, yes things are difficult and are challenging. And in so many ways, Opanka really nails it here in this song in reply to President Chump and his obnoxious comments about Africa. Things are hard, but in Ghana, and in most of Africa, so many use such an insult as a way to motivate themselves. But in Ghana, so few musicians will actually tell it in their music, or will actually put it in a song. So big credit here, here does not hold back.

Dadie Opanka born Armstrong Affum, but popularly known by the stage name Dadie Opanka, is a Rapper, Performer, Poet, Composer and a Songwriter from Tema, Ghana. Arguably Ghana’s Nō 1 Rhymer by Fans & Critics, he became popularly known Nationwide by a freestyle he did on Bradez’ song “Simple” which went viral and he later followed up with his official single “Taste” which also became an instant hit and “talk of the town”, and up till date, he’s the only Ghanaian with the Most Popular Freestyle Cover.

With the Fandom “Opanka-Army”, he’s rated 1 of the Top 5 Ghanaian Musicians with the most interactive Fans by some bloggers and with almost 300K Facebook likes, 22K+ Twitter followers, about 10K Instagram followers he’s rated 1 of the Top Ghanaians with Strong Social media influence. He’s collaborated with most of the Ghanaian top musicians and even 1 of the collaborations he did with Kwaw Kese “Popping” won the “Best Hiphop Song of the year” on Ghana Music Awards (2012). He’s performed on bigger platforms nationwide, like the Ghana Music Awards etc. and also performed on the same stage with Super Stars like T-Pain, Mavado etc. He’s released 2 Mixtape Albums (Definition of T.E.M.A and Born Again) and currently working on his debut Album entitled “AKWAABA” (Welcome).


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