Their football crazy, and in truth it’s all about The Arsenal !

Football is a religion in these parts of the world. It is one thing that appears to cross every boarder, any divide and unite people. The passion for the game is as high as almost any where in the world. However one strange aspect of football here in Ghana is it is not the National team that unites everyone, instead it is the EPL and La Liga that does it for folk in this our Ghana. However the story and influence of football in general is for another post. This one, is all about The Arsenal.

Arsenal Ghana Accra

The unofficial number one club in Ghana is clearly The Arsenal. They certainly have the most organised and dedicated supporters club. And the supporters club that is the most active and even socially involved. The GhanaArsenal supporters club is an excellent example of how clubs should be run and operated and is a fine example of how football clubs can reach and interact with fans from around the world.

The club have a number of different activities through the year, and not just the cool match day events they hold. I saw them run “clean-up” community days and I know they get involved in many others. A quick look at their Facebook page and everything you need to connect is there for you. Watching football is always better when you watch with like minded people and watching Arsenal when surrounded by these passionate fans is a real local experience. It really is a great way to get to know the locals, interact with them, share those moments with them and do it all while watching the greatest team in the world.

Arsenal Supporters Club Ghana

One thing I really noticed about the supporters club was how mixed it was. As in there was such a large number of female supporters. I don’t know if this was a goal of the creators of the club, or if it just happened organically. But these females fans certainly hold their own when it comes to the love of The Arsenal. And of course it also means this is a far safer environment to be watching football, or better still, playing football in Ghana. Yes the club runs events where you can play the beautiful game and playing football out here is a very different experience and certainly one worth doing.

Hook up with The Arsenal supporters club in Ghana, it is one of those local experiences well worth doing.

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