My life in Accra : a photo gallery

Football, friends, fun and fabulous people, just a few of my favourite things from my life in Accra and in Ghana. I am not a great fan of having my picture taken, the downside of being ugly and old. However life in Accra will teach you one thing, get ready for the camera, they really are everywhere and people just love being snapped. And in hindsight, having these images now is actually really cool, even if I do look 90 in every one.

I loved the day I met the President of Gambia, not because he was a president, or because he was such a nice man, but simply because President Adama of Gambia just happens to be an Arsenal fan, and we had such a cool conversation about our mutual love for the Arsenal.


Chilling out with the gang in Accra Ghana #Ghanathings
Chilling out with the gang in Accra Ghana
The President of Gambia meets Paul Kavanagh
The President & Paul


Miss Ghana enjoying meeting Paul Kavanagh
The lucky Miss Ghana gets to meet Paul Kavanagh
Paul Kavanagh the coach in Accra Ghana
“Now just listen, we can win this”

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