The Sounds of Ghana, One Corner, Paatapa. Public Health Warning !

I post songs and YouTube video’s to give you an insight into Ghana, and Accra. It helps to see Ghana, hear Ghana and of course dance Ghana. However this post is more a Public Health Warning post. If by chance, while you visit Ghana, and you suddenly hear this song, what ever you do, Do NOT go hide in one corner !!! It would be really bad for your mental health.

This song hit Ghana and all of West Africa in early 2018, and khai did it hit. This was a bit like the Ghanaian “Gangnam Style”. The song was everywhere. However it was not the song that was so dangerous but the dance moves that came with it. Totally madness. Total, in yer face, body pumping, uncontrolled, naughty madness. And all done in that infamous one corner.

For the record I have absolutely no clue what the song is about, or most of the words the boy is singing, and in truth I don’t really care. But the beat is a hook and it gets inside you very easily. But for non-ghanaians who suddenly feel the urge, and start to dance, they are making a big big mistake.

So as is aimed at those who are going to be visiting Ghana, and Accra, please accept this Public Health Warning, and step away from the One Corner.

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