My life in Accra : a photo gallery

May Day in Accra Ghana 2017 was indeed a really remarkable day for me. I just love the fun, the energy, the passion, commitment and belief of the thousands who lined up to march in the May Day parade. I saw the irony of it all as they march proudly past, and saluted, the very people who they were by belief opposed to, but it absolutely did not matter. The patriotism of it all, the pride in who they were and where they came from was clear for all to see.

The welcome I received on the day was beautiful and I felt it genuine. I marched, okay did not salute, but joined in and felt a part of me became forever Ghanaian on that day. Mainly for the reason that on that day I got to understand and learn more about life as a Ghanaian. Listening to people there and seeing and hearing all about the challenges they face was a very humbling moment in my life in Accra. And while I may not agree on the tactics they used to achieve their goals, I most certainly respect their real need to achieve the goal.

Paul Kavanagh does a selfie in Accra Ghana
It’s selfie time on May Day


Feeling the May Day beat in Accra Ghana
Feeling the May Day beat in Accra Ghana


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