Where to Stay : Kempinski Hotel Accra.

For me this is a hotel that is just not my taste. However it is also a hotel that for many it is the best hotel in Accra. I have stayed there a couple of times and been to a number of functions in their ballroom. On three occasions while at events in the hotel I found myself being short-changed, or in actual fact, given no change, when I have bought drinks at the events. And it annoyed me so much that I just went off the hotel and choose not to see anything after that.
Now to be fair, I also have to say that the restaurant does make the absolute best pizza in all of Accra. Easily the best. And I also have to compliment the wifi at the hotel. And if you want your downtime, your pool time, then this hotel has the quietist pool in town, and it can be very relaxing.
The rooms, for such a five star hotel are small and compact, and that is possible the best thing I can say about them The furniture works in the rooms, but if you are staying for than a few nights you are not going to want to stay in your room for too long. The lobby is big, very big, and quite impressive, however it is a strange feeling to be the only person in the lobby at times and for me the place is just too quiet. But for so many others this hotel is the place to be and the best Accra has to offer. So I guess what I am saying here is don’t listen to me, go and make your own mind up. However just be careful, very careful when you pay cash for anything !!!
What the Hotels says : Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City – Accra will provide the only five-star luxury service, accommodations, and meetings facilities in Accra. Opened Q4 2015, the property quickly became the top hotel in the city for hosting a steady stream of visiting government delegations, corporate, NGOs, and international business travelers taking part in the transformation of the 2nd most dynamic economy in the West Africa.
The property has 269 luxury rooms (largest room size in Accra), suites (the highest suite inventory in the city), largest F&B offerings, largest conference facilities and the largest SPA in West Africa, a perfect mix of categories to meet the needs of corporate and conference visitors to the country.

What the Guests say from TripAdvisor : Great facilities and outstanding service. : Excellent services and facilities : An urban oasis : Home away from home : Great Hotel, Great Staff and Great Location..


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