The music history of Ghana. Living the highlife….

Just click on the video and get taken back in time. “Music is the food of the soul” and in a country with so many hungry people, thank goodness it is also a country with the most amazing music, amazing music history, and heavy soul music.

Highlife, type of West African popular music and dance that originated in Ghana in the late 19th century, later spread to western Nigeria, and flourished in both countries in the 1950s. The earliest form of highlife was performed primarily by brass bands along the Ghanaian coast. However if you are in Accra, then easily the best way, maybe the only way to really enjoy the sweet beats of pure Highlife is when it is accompanied by the local Palm Wine, in an outside bar. Even the mosquito’s bite to the rhythm !!!!

The notes and rhythms of Ghana’s Highlife music genre have developed to the sound of the country’s traumatic history and political turmoil. Yet, the genre evolved from a past filled with tradition and survived, propelled by musicians such as Nana Ampadu and Osibisa. We take a look at the gradual evolution and current state of Ghanaian Highlife – and its younger cousin, Hiplife.

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