Some of the Marketing images used to promote

In building this blog I started by just thinking about the blog, the content, the test, the Story. It’s all about Accra so in a lot of sense that was quite easy and simple. However as the site has gotten bigger and started to spread I have thought more and more about how to get the site out there, thought about how to get the site seen, and of course getting all about Accra read.

So I started by building these simple visuals. I have a Facebook page, and a Twitter account and have now started to post more and more images on there. And I have to say, building the images has really added to the fun, the creative skills and of course to the point of the site.

These are the first ones I did, they are not great, but as I build more, it will be fun to see how they evolve.

All About Accra .comAll About Accra GhanaAll About AccraIMG-0659 (1)IMG-0657IMG-0658IMG-0649IMG-0653IMG-0655IMG-0656

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