The Nightlife in Accra : Jokers Bar

Some will say Jokers Night Club is one of the best Clubbing places in Accra Ghana, because of its services to customers. Things available in jokers; pool tables, good music , slot machines, ice cold drinks, restaurant, local and international community and a dancefloor should deliver a great night out.  However, this club is local and at times can be swamped with what many would call “club girls” who may not be all they seem. But if you keep you wits about about you it’s still a good little venue. This is a place to meet people from the local’s, to people from across West Africa. Let me put this a clearer way, this is the bar to meet girls from across West Africa. And trust me, those lovely ladies are totally full on, and will introduce themselves are your new “best friend” within minutes.

It’s a popular place to be, at Labadi Road, and it is always filled up on the weekends. However the bar is more a nightclub in the hours that it operates, this is a late night venue and does not really start until way after ten. The food is ok and the service is ok. Very cool place to have a beer and have a shot at pool. Always packed with good music and nice ladies all round. Worth the look if you are visiting Accra and looking for that kind of thing.

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