The Nightlife in Accra : Jamestown Cafe

This stylish architect-owned cafe, bar and music venue sits in a beautifully restored building right in the heart of old Accra, just across from the sea. There’s local and international food, great cocktails and live music daily. Once a week, the party spills outside. The cafe also owns the ArchiAfrika gallery opposite, which showcases African architecture and design, and has plans to open a B&B in the same spot.

This is not the sort of venue your hotel receptionist will now or refer you to. It is the sort of Cafe you find by chance and then always return to. It is one of those little nuggets that you want to keep to yourself but just can’t help but tell the world about. It is one of the best places to mingle with the locals, debate and chat, and chill out in. And was of the places recently visited by Charles & Camilla on their recent visit to Accra.

Architects, by their nature, have a way of transforming space into something beyond its rudimentary function, bringing not just functionality but energy. So it’s no coincidence that Jamestown Café, owned and operated by Joe Addo, is a magical space in the heart of Accra. Located along the High Street in Jamestown, Accra, the Jamestown Café offers a place to hang out or work, which channels the energies of old Accra and spurs creativity. It’s the perfect venue for architects, artists, writers or musicians who prefer to work in a non-confining space.

Located as the name suggests in the old quarter of James Town, this bar is a meeting place for creative, artists, writers … People from all walks of life, who find themselves, often by chance, to debate, exchange, discuss. Go there for a drink, eat or listen to live music when it is on the program.

Jamestown Café, John Evans Atta Mills High Street, Accra, Ghana

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