Top Things To Do In Accra, Ghana…..

There are so many ways to spend your time while in Accra. Sure you may be there for just a few days, or maybe longer. You may be a regular visitor or just going once. And you may not have a lot of free time during your visit. However one of the beauties of travel is the opportunity to discover, and in Accra there is surprisingly quite a lot to discover.

I have to be honest and say I love #SimplePleasures. If you like I like to see the “normal” every day life of a place. I want to see, hear, smell, and touch the local heartbeat of a city. So for me, places like the local market, or a local “chop” bar is a key thing to do. And in Accra there is certainly a great array of places to experience Ghana. Mokolo Market was a must visit for me, and the pure size of the place was a joy. The same too of the beach’s, and in particular, Bojo Beach. While just outside Accra was the surprising Aburi Botanical Gardens, a really nice place to spend a day off.

Now I am not a fan of TripAdvisor, way to much misleading and manipulated information. However I found a really interesting link on the site recently and it is a good list of places to go and things to see while in Accra. Click here to see it: TripAdvisor Suggestions However on thing about this list that really surprised me was the fact that people were selling “Tours” of these places and charging, in places, very high prices. Sure some people may prefer to use a guide, maybe for safety reasons. But Ghana is famed for being the safest country in Africa and equally famed for it’s natural hospitality, so for me, just go out and enjoy. Of course, keep your wits about you and apply the same rules as in visiting any major city. Don’t flash the cash, or your wealth. Respect what’s around you, and who is around you. And be careful if you smoke, Ghana is not a fan of the habit.

So click the link, have a read of someone else’s opinion and go and explore Accra, “it’s ghana be great” !!!!

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