The Nightlife in Accra : Republic Bar

Will still keep recommending this bar in Accra, as it remains one of the best bars in Accra right now, thanks to its relaxed approach to the good things in life: alcohol, fried food and really great music.

Catch a live music show at Republic

The bustling neighbourhood of Osu always has a lot going on. A prime staple in the area is Republic Bar and Grill, an ever-popular spot, as much for its pub-style atmosphere, finger food and locally brewed cocktails as for its impressive weekly live music selections, from highlife to hiplife. Friendly and cosy, it’s the best place to mingle with a large cross-section of the city. It’s a tiny space that tumbles out onto the street when things really kick off, late on a Friday or Saturday. The bar is really popular with the various airline crews that stay in the city.

Album covers and black-and-white photos of music stars adorn the walls as Ghanaian music blasts out (there are often jaw-dropping highlife music acts live on the terrace; check out the Facebook page and Twitter account for details – the legendary Ebo Taylor has played here). There’s always live music on a Wednesday too.

With its bright red walls, black-and-white photos, vintage postcards and outdoor wooden deck, this fab bar wouldn’t look out of place in Brooklyn. Here, it delights happening young Ghanaians and expats in equal measure, and is renowned for its innovative cocktails made from local booze such as palm wine. Live music is also fantastic here, with many a highlife giant having turned up to play to exuberant crowds.

Republic has an ethos of using local ingredients in the food that is served whilst championing traditional Ghanaian brews and ingredients served with a twist. Such as Apketeshie (pronounced; A-Peta-Shee) cocktails. Apketeshie is the local palm wine from Ghana which can be very intoxicating but good.

Republic Bar & Grill, Asafoatse Tempong Street, Accra, Ghana, +233 24 631 4044

TripAdvisor Reviews

Fun, busy place with good music

Most of the bar consists of people standing/sitting out on the street with a DJ in the main part of the bar. The waiters do table service which is nice! The cocktails were generally very good and the beer similarly good although they did start to run out.

Local flavor

Had the pleasure of going here as I wanted a place where the locals get together. Small place but it was full! I ate pork and yam French fries and drank the local drink with hibiscus, lime and gin. The music was amazing!

Great Place for friends

Lovely vibe. You should try their famous kokrokoo drink. Have only had their yam and chicken. Didn’t like the chicken though. Was too bland for my liking.

Good drinks

I went to Republic twice – once for dinner and once for drinks. The second experience was much better than the first. The food was good and not badly priced but Republic is not a place to enjoy a meal. It is really loud with a lot of people just lingering about. When we came for drinks, it was a good 1 hour relax experience.



Tuesday night – KARAOKE REPUBLIC

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