Come and See Ghana, Hear Ghana & Dance Ghana…….

Sometimes before I go anywhere in the world I like to hit YouTube and search the town or city I am about to visit. When I first went to Ghana and Accra I did exactly that. Unfortunately At that time Ed had not released this track. Which is a real shame. For anyone now heading to Accra, maybe for the first time, you should really check this cool video. But put the sound up first. I say this because this is a cool visual insight into Accra. Really nice to see places like the Art’s Center, and Makolo market. But also the view into Ghanaian life, which is not an easy life. Yet it is a life full of dance, music and smiles.

Ed Sheeran did this song with Fuse ODG and then put it on his acclaimed Divide album. And the track is the highest viewed video on YouTube featuring Ghana and Accra. What great publicity for the country, as people get to See Ghana, Hear Ghana & Dance Ghana all at the same time.

The boys did a second song together, shown below. And how cool is it to see Ed singing in Twi, one of the many local languages. Hats off to the coolest musician on the planet. I swear if there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as Ed, if only the world was full of Ed Sheeran’s !!!!

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