Welcome to the land of the Volta….

Volta Region and its capital is Ho. The most easterly region of Ghana, bordering on Togo, the Volta Region is an area of extraordinary scenic beauty. The rolling hills and valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, and lagoons, rivers and waterfall make for one of nature’s most attractive gift to Ghana. The region stretches from the coastal plains on the Atlantic coast right up to the arid lands of the north, and climatic conditions can vary tremendously. From the coastal plain, fringed by sun-dappled beaches and mangrove swamps, through moist deciduous rain forests in the central belt, where Mt. Afadjato at 885m is the highest point in Ghana, to the arid savannah of northern Ghana, you can experience almost every tropical climate in West Africa. Some tourist attractions in the Volta region are as follows; Lake Volta Estuary, the keta-Angaw Lagoon Basin, Tafi Monkey Village, Grottos, caves and Volta waterfalls Most tourists like to visit the Tafi Monkey Village and the Volta waterfalls.


The Tafi Monkey Village It is thought that about 200 years ago when the ancestors of current inhabitants of Tafi Atome arrived at the village, the monkeys were believed to be messengers of the gods and their protectors. However, when Christianity became the main religion in the 1980’s, the villagers lost their reverence for the animals. To protect the monkeys and the forest they live in. This Sanctuary was created in 1993 by a coalition of villagers, public institutions and NGO.

The most ideal time to see the monkeys are in the early hours of the morning, but tours can be arranged throughout the day. Bananas are provided as part of your entrance fee, and if the monkeys are willing they will take them directly from your hands. Because the monkeys are now habituated to humans, they are even willing to climb on your arms and shoulders. This is safe and the monkeys are not aggressive.


The Volta water falls comprises of; Wli waterfalls, Tagbo falls, Aflambo falls and Tsatsodu falls. The waterfalls most tourist visit is the Wli waterfalls.

Agumatse is the local name for the wli waterfalls meaning “allow me to flow” It is located in the hohoe municipality of the Volta region, the land of the Ewe culture. It is approximately 280 kilometers from the capital Accra. The forest is the tallest falls in West Africa, measuring about 143 meters from the upper falls to the plunge pool below it. The wli waterfalls consist of two parts, the upper falls and the lower falls

On the pathway leading to the Wli falls, as one move through the forest there is short hike, about 40 minutes to reach the Falls but that too is a beautiful journey. They provide a guide who explains the history of the town and falls to you. Along the pathway are tree species labeled with their scientific as well as their local or common names. This was probably done by the Wildlife Division authorities, since the entire area has been earmarked as the AGUMATSA WILDLIFE SANTUARY. The AGUMATSE WILDLIFE SANCTUARY covers an area of 3KM. The forest consists of 220 bird’s species and 400 colorful butterfly specie, snakes, bats and other insects are seen on the way as one strolls through the forest on the way to the fall site.

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