Christianity in Ghana

Christianity in Ghana started when the Europeans came into the country. Then the only religion was the African Traditional religion. Christianity was not known by the people of Ghana as their main belief was the traditional religion. Christianity was brought in Ghana by Europeans who arrived on the Gold Coast in the 15th century during the exploration of West Africa. When the Europeans expanded so did Christianity expand and it was based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In Ghana, religion plays a critical role in the development of the country and Christianity is the popular, as well as the largest religion in Ghana. Common Christian denominations in Ghana includes: Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Pentecost, Seventh-Day Adventist, Baptist, to mention but a few. Christianity has helped shape individual’s life as they try to live an exemplary life of Christ. It has imparted in the development of Ghana positively by putting up schools, health centers and others. it has even had an impact in education where it is taught in schools to help instill moral discipline into students by the study of subjects like Religious and Moral Studies.

However, the negative impact is the rise of ‘fake’ churches emerging where false acclaimed ‘Men of God’ use dubious means in worship against the rules of the church in other to get rich quickly.

Religion has been abused, corrupted, perverted and radicalized by men, to inject their own political agenda.

The rate at which this false churches are springing up has led to many Ghanaian raising Eyebrows as to what to believe or not to believe anymore but the question is ‘Do we really need these churches?’. While other countries are fast developing their educational, health and technological systems, we are focusing on other matters. One would also say isn’t one God all Christian believers serve worldwide? So why is Africans for that matter Ghanaians different? We pride ourselves in building more churches than schools, hospitals and others that will enhance the country’s development.

Another argument is that these false prophet or churches can’t be sanctioned as we cannot even say if they are real and the rules of Christianity also has a right of freedom to worship.

Currently, there was a ban on noise pollution in some part of the Greater Accra Region due to the upcoming Homowo festival and it urged residents to endeavor to give due respect to the traditional beliefs of the land by observing the ban on drumming and noise-making all these rules included the churches which was observed as such.

The Bible, in Romans 13:1, says: “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. Can we also say it is against the rules to submit to these beliefs?

Well, one cannot tell what the future holds for Ghana in this aspect of our religious bodies except if something is done immediately. Maybe establishing main churches of Christianity could help by making it one body because Christianity has brought some merits as well as demerits in Ghana.

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