Wonderful wonderful Waakye, it’s a #GhanaThing


Waakye is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans and a very popular dish in Ghana. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and even supper. It originated from the Northern part of Ghana. The main ingredients are rice, bean, red sorghum leaves, salt and water. It’s serving temperature is mostly hot and sold in the morning as early as 5:30 am where individuals going to work can grab a quick one on their way to work. Women who mostly sell waakye are from a Northern descent and are mostly called ‘hajia’ or ‘amelia’ which names the waakye as hajia waakye or amelia waakye in the vicinity. Waakye has a Caribbean version of rice and peas which is usually served with salt fish.  Waakye in Ghana is a very satisfying meal which is served in leaves, packs and plastic bags of which majority prefers the food to be served in the local leaves as it enhances flavor and it’s associated with certain health benefits.

Waakye in Ghana is one of the main breakfast people can’t do without. The average Ghanaian lover of waakye patronizes it at least twice a week. The arguments now are about which waakye taste best and sells better. Is it a street waakye or a restaurant waakye?

Well, waakye in Ghana is a street food usually served with gari, spaghetti, boiled eggs, wele, meat with stew and shito and usually eaten without a spoon but the hands. Introduction of side salad. Plantain and sometimes avocado enhances the taste which are also served in restaurants.

In a conversation with some youth about the perception of waakye served in these two places, they were of the view that waakye sold at the street taste better and is far cheaper as waakye sold at the restaurant. Also, the habit of sitting across a street to enjoy a plate of waakye with colleagues and friend is much fun as compared to the restaurant atmosphere where it is sometimes perceived as comporting oneself.


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