Natural versus Fake, a Ghanaian debate…

Black hair is literally different than all other hairs. While other traces can have straight wavy curly strands, most black people have varying degrees of tightly curled may come in spirals, coils, loops, zigzag or other curves. This is why it tends to grow up rather than down and can make gravity defying shapes like afros and puffs. A relaxed hair is a hair where a relaxer (a type of cream or lotion) is chemically used to straighten hair.

In Ghana now, people tend to maintain their natural hair as compared to relaxed hair. In an interview with a few young Ghanaian girls as to why they keep their natural hair, responses include:

They are being kept because of the love for it and some attributed it to the fact that their natural hair is very soft and relaxing it will not be a good idea as it can be combed easily and styled.

Others do not like the challenges that comes with maintaining a relaxed hair as they say sitting under a hair dryer often after washing or re-touching the hair hurts the scalp unlike a natural hair once washed can be cleaned and styled without using a hair dryer and drying can simply be done walking under the sun or at home.

Again, ladies with natural hair has the myth of being confident, this is to say they are proud of their background as Africans. Since natural hair is trending now, the youth especially likes the idea of fitting into the natural society as the saying goes “if you can’t beat them then you join them”. This has led some Ghanaian girls with relaxed hairs taking it off just to go natural.

This is because natural hair being short or long can be styled in varying ways as compared to relaxed hair, without a touch of weaves, wigs, braids and extensions.

Some ladies also concluded that natural hair is less expensive than relaxed hair. This is so because for a natural hair, one can just depend on water, soap and local shea butter to maintain it while a relaxed hair will need particular hair items like shampoo, conditioner and other substances to keep the hair in shape to avoid breakages.

Also, a Ghanaian girl with a natural hair has options of different choices of hairs and extensions likewise a relaxed hair but a relaxed hair can never grow natural unless It’s taken off while a natural hair can always go relaxed if one decides to.

Well, one can say that natural hair never fades because it’s been kept since ages especially our parents had it way back and styled it in different shapes that keeps springing back and when they become aged they maintain natural hair as compared to the relaxed hair.

Recently, the pace at which Ghanaians are beginning to rock their natural hair is interesting and fun and this really depicts that we are truly Ghanaians and proud to be Africans.

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