GHANA’S BIRTHDAY February 12, 1957


Formally Ghana was under direct British colonial rule. On, the first Ghanaian government dominated by native Ghanaians was formed in the run to independence. The independence day of Ghana was officially announced on 6th March, 1957.The people of Ghana after a lot of struggle became free—-the first Black African country to gain independence. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana’s Independence Day at the Black Star Square and became Ghana’s first Prime minister. Since then, Ghana has had a mix of democratically elected government as well as military ones. The followings are the names of Ghana presidents from 1957-2017.

  1. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah——–1st July, 1960
  2. Dr. Hilla Limann—————24th August,1979
  3. Jerry John Rawlings———-7th January, 1993
  4. John Agyekum Kufuor——-7th January, 2001
  5. Prof. John Evans Atta Mills—7th January, 2009
  6. John Dramani – Mahama—-24th July, 2012
  7. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo—7th January 2017.

To commemorate the auspicious day, a grand parade take place in the centrally located Black Star Square, also known as Independence square. One of world’s largest city squares, the precinct is also where you can find Independence Arch, commemorating the nation’s struggle for independence and the statue of a soldier opposite to represent the lives lost in the process.

All the government service agencies gather at the independence square in full ceremonial attire, including the army, navy and police officers as well as a selection of schools and colleges groups. The president of Ghana attends the event, along with invited dignitaries from other countries, and around 30,000 spectators turns up to celebrate. Joining the parade are cultural dancers, who put on extravagant show for the audience. There’s a lot of fun and enjoyment as the country celebrates.

An important part of this celebration is the singing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM followed by recital of the country’s PLEDGE. The national anthem God Bless Our Homeland Ghana speaks of a united people defending a strong nation against oppressors.

The party goers wrapped themselves in the red, yellow and green national flag adorned with a black star and swayed with the music under the moonlight. The president takes a national salute, deliver a speech of solidarity to Ghanaians as part of his call to join the business of nation building, and also expected to use his speech to rally the citizens around his vision for the country and light the perpetual flame, a touch would also be lit using the flame. This touch will embark on a relay throughout the whole of GHANA, as one of the key activities of the celebration and return to its starting point in the following year.

During this day, its being a public holiday, workshops, demonstrations, performances are carried out for the people amusement, where the end of colonial rule and the dawn of their independence.

Below is a brief procedure followed during the Independent Day. Arrival of dignitaries from around neighbouring countries, former presidents and their wives, current vice president and wife, then the president of that year. Prayers are also offered according to religious groups; Islamic, traditional and Christians. March past to salute the president after which he delivers his speech.

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