Ghana’s “big” Six


Just as names as like “Nelson Mandela”, “Julius Nyerere”, & Ellen Sirleaaf can never be erased in the minds of South Africans, Tanzanians, & Liberians respectively. The same feeling and great admiration for these great leaders is also replicated in Ghana when the “Big Six” is mentioned.

In Ghana, African and even the world as a whole, the “Big six” of Ghana are some of e biggest heroes in the history for the r independence of our land (Ghana) and we literally owe our existence as an independent nation to their exploits, and their comfort they sacrificed immensely in fighting off colonial to ensure our comfortability.

Many scholars have argued that, the “Big Six” were able to do so because of the large volumes of academic discipline they acquired vigorously in the western countries. The  “six”- came together to form one mass group that lead to the resistance of colonial rule with the formation of a political parties and then continue to champion on the fight to self-governance now. Despite paying for it with Jail time, brutal torturing, & strong brushback from the the British. Their Names included the following;

  1. Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

Was born on 21st September 1909 in Nkroful. Although his mother, later stated his year of the of birth was 1912, Nkrumah wrote that he was born on 18th September 1909. The name of father is not known. Most account says that he was a goldsmith. His father did not live with the family, but worked in Half Assini before his death while Nkrumah was a boy.

  1. Dr Ebenezer Ako-adjei.

Was born on 17th june 1916 in Adjeikrom, in the Eastern region to Samuel Adjei who was a farmer and trader and Mrs. Johanna Okaile Adjei.

  1. Edward Akuffo-Addo

Was born on the 26th June, 1906 in Dodowa . He had his basic education Presbyterian primary and middle school at Akropong. In 1929, he entered Achimota College, where he won a scholarship, to St Peter’s collage Oxford, where he studied mathematics, politics, and philosophy.

  1. Joseph Boakye Danquah.

Born on the 18th December 1895 in Bepong, Kwahu in the Eastern region. He descended from the royal family of Ofori panyin fie, once the rulers of the Akyem states and still the one of the most weighty families in Ghanaian politics.

  1. Emmanuel Odarkwei Obetsebi Lamptey

  Born on the 26th April,1902. In a small village near Ode a suburb of Accra. His father was Jacob Mills –lamptey. A business man and his mother was Victory Ayeley Tetteh.

  1. Nana William Ofori Atta

Paa willie, was born on 10th October 1910 in Kibi. William was the son of Nana sir Ofori Atta(I) who was the Omanhene of Akyem Abuakwa between 1912 & 1943.

The six Hungary gentlemen looking forward for self-governance now were handed the after the rioting and looting took over in the aftermath of the brutal shooting of the Ex-servicemen(retired soldiers) in Accra, namely “seargant Adjetey”, corporal Atipoe and Private Odartey Lamptey. The colonial government arrested the six men for instigating trouble and disturbances that became very serious and called for the attention of other neighboring countries to alleviate the situation.

The colonial government blamed the leadership of U.G.C.C. for this huge alarums that lead to the killing of the three Ex-servicemen.

On the contrary, the educated elite also criticize “Sir Gerald Creasy” for the riots due to his handling of the countries problems. The riot Act was read on 1st March 1948.

After days & hours of huge protest across the length and breadth of the country the “Big Six” were finally released from prison. Following their incarceration, the nationalist became so popular & were referred to as “ Big Six” by the people of Gold coast now Ghana. Aside their good judgement and ability to make sensible decision regarding issues militating against the progress of their country, the “Big six” had fascinating back stories that built up their eventual stardom in the independence movement.

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  1. paa kwasi says:

    precise story and full of meaningful specifics.i would love to read more of this story.


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